Equipment Checklist

Following is the equipment checklist for our outdoor adventure trekking trips. This is a guideline and all that listed here is not a must. Some gear can be rented from Kathmandu (such as down jackets and sleeping bags). We recommend clothing that you can layer: mountain weather can change rapidly.


  1. Trekking or running shoes with good soles (Broken in!!!)
  2. Socks (woolen, both thick and thin)


  1. Down or fiber filled jacket
  2. Fleece jacket
  3. Hiking shorts/skirts
  4. Waterproof jackets, poncho or umbrella if trekking during the rainy season
  5. Hiking pants
  6. T shirts (long and short sleeves)
  7. Sun hat/caps
  8. Gloves

Other equipment

  1. Small backpack,
  2. Duffel bags
  3. Sleeping bags
  4. Water bottle (two liters worth)
  5. Torch (flashlight), batteries and bulbs and/or headlamp

 Miscellaneous items

  1. Toiletries
  2. Sun screen and snow block cream
  3. Towel
  4. Laundry soap
  5. Your personal medical kit ( paracetamol, iodex, handyplast, bandages, diamox for altitude sickness
  6. Goggles or sunglasses (with UV protection)
  7. Water purification tablets or filtration system if you do not intend to buy bottled water

For treks higher than 4000m

  1. Mountain trekking boots
  2. Woolen socks to wear with boots
  3. Light cotton sock liners
  4. Woolen baselayer
  5. Insulated pants
  6. Nylon wind breakers
  7. Nylon wind pants
  8. Woolen hats (balaclava)